contemporary art  :  writing and interviews

Seeing in the Dark, 2011, Curtis Mayfield House. Image courtesy CIRCA Projects.

interview circa projects

The arts organisation CIRCA Projects is based in the North-East of England, commissioning and exhibiting lens and time-based artworks and projects from both established and emerging artists. Alice and Joe Woodhouse talk to the Directors of CIRCA Projects Adam Phillips and Sam Watson about the history of the organisation and the motivation behind their curatorial projects.

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work-seth/tallentire, Trailer, 1998. Image courtesy the artist.

article on practice

Artists John Seth and Anne Tallentire collaborate under the name work-seth/tallentire producing work that creates a social archive and crosses boundaries of documentation, performance and intervention. This original text work was commissioned for our website and later published in issue 11 of Garageland Magazine.

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400 Women, Shoreditch Town Hall, 2010. Image courtesy the artist.

interview tamsyn challenger

The artist Tamsyn Challenger talks to Alice Woodhouse about her ambitious project 400 Women, a collaboration with almost two hundred artists producing works in a direct response to the murders of women in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juárez.

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Emma Hardy, Emma and Jan Hardy, 2010. Image courtesy the artist.

article job opportunity

The artist and curator Helen Baker writes of the often unaddressed, issues around maintaining and integrating an arts practice with further employment – with specific reference to a current generation of artist teachers.

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Rachel Lancaster, Untitled, 2009. Image courtesy the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK.

interview laura and rachel lancaster

Rachel and Laura Lancaster talk with Joe Woodhouse about their individual art practices. They also discuss how their relationship as sisters affects the dynamics of their collaborations within the bands MeandthetwinS, Chippewa Falls, and Silver Fox.

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Sally Madge, Shelter, 2002 - 2010. Image courtesy the artist.

article shelter

The artist Sally Madge writes about Shelter, an artwork first constructed in 2002 at Back Skerrs on the island of Lindisfarne’s north shore. Over the years it has become a public artwork, site-specific installation, museum, shelter, shrine, and/or space for reverie and play. Here, she talks about the life and evolution of the collaborative project.

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